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I was tagged by misomoo . <3

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1. Are you a morning person or a night owl ?

I am a morning person. Although I would like to sleep more in the morning I just can’t fall asleep after 8 AM, I also go to sleep pretty early.

2. What do you wish you’d spent more time on ?

 I don’t know…. I guess… maybe… I would study more because If I do it on time later I’ll have more time to do other things…

3. Something you love about yourself ?

Uhmm I really can’t figure it out now. :(

4. A lesson you would like to teach everyone ?

   I don’t know if I should say this  to others but I guess you should always take care of yourself (I actually wanted to say “never trust anybody” XD of course there are all kinds of people so you can never know).

5. Favourite things to do over holidays ?


 6. Favourite music genre ?

   I love Kpop, but I also listen to almost all genres.

7. Are you old fashioned at all ?

   I don’t think so. I mean if you are referring to my dressing style (i guess there could be other things) I usually buy the clothes that I like and those are pretty comfortable ones. *redo*

 8. Strangest dream you’d ever had ?

   I dreamed that I was sitting in a room and while pressing the “ctrl” key on the keyboard  there were coming out of nowhere lots of spiders. (shortly said)

9. Favourite ice cream flavour ?

   I guess chocolate. I don’t think I have a “favourite one”. It doesn’t matter that much for me as long as I eat it and it’s ice cream, but there are as well some of them that I just can’t eat.

10.  Who do you remind people of ?


11. Given the chance, would you go to space ?

I think it would be a great opportunity to explore new places… , but… I just can’t give a straight answer because I think this kind of decision requires a lot of serious thinking.

I tag : 

ponyrose, missing-dreaming, cnbluemakesmehigh, segawangcoffee, monacalin, pingkeuyu, omodrama, forgotten-seouls, listencnb, thatkidmarina, hoonsena .

I barely talked with the tagged ones. I’m sorry if this is bothering you.You don’t really have to do it.

Thank you for tagging me !

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3. Something that you don’t like ?

4. Places that you’d like to visit ?

5. What would you change in this world ?

6. Favourite food ?

7. Favourite movie genre ?

8. Something that you really appreciate on tumblr ?

9. Why did you join tumblr ?

10. Your motto ?

11. Favourite word in another language ? 


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